Becca and the Prisoner's Cross


by Tony Abbott 

On sale 6/16/15!
Book 2 of The Copernicus Archives! 

Picking up where The Copernicus Legacy: The Serpent’s Curse left off, The Copernicus Archives #2: Becca and the Prisoner’s Cross is Becca’s riveting first person account of the Kaplan’s next adventure.

Ever since she was exposed to Kronos’s blast Becca has suffered blackouts that allow her to see the time of Copernicus. But even stranger, Copernicus seems to have the singular ability to see her, too.

When Becca has an attack on the banks of the Thames river in England, she sees Copernicus again…and this time, he gives her a coded clue. Could this be the location of the next relic?

The Kaplans decide they must trace down a time travel expert to help decipher Becca’s time blackouts. With his help, their quest carries them all over London—to the Bletchly Park, the home of the secret World War II code breakers, to Thomas More’s cell in the Tower of London, and to a mysterious underground crypt.

But can Becca make sense of her jumps in time and Copernicus’s strange clues before the dangerous henchmen of the Teutonic Order beat her and her friends to the next relic? Or worse, hurt the people she loves?

The adventure of a lifetime awaits. 4 Friends. 12 Relics. A race to save the fate of the world.

The Copernicus Archives #2: Becca and the Prisoner's Cross
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