The Copernicus Legacy #3: The Golden Vendetta


by Tony Abbott 

Book 3 in The Copernicus Legacy Series

It’s been two months, and the malicious head of the New Teutonic Order, Galina Krause, seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.

It’s a brief sigh of relief for the Kaplan family. But their hopes for safety are dashed when they learn about the theft of a rare 16th century astronomy book in the South of France as Galina and her lacky Ebner suddenly and violently reappear.

Wade, Darrell, Lily, and Becca have no choice but to throw themselves into a desperate hunt for a mysterious golden hand, said to be crafted by Leonardo Di Vinci himself—perhaps the strangest Guardian of all.

In the dangerous streets of Morocco, over the ancient stone pathways of Malta, through the chic hotels of Monte Carlo, and in a crucial and deadly undersea battle, the Kaplans must face the most sinister members of the Teutonic Order to continue their quest to protect Copernicus’s precious legacy.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits. 4 Friends. 12 Relics. A race to save the fate of the world.

The Golden Vendetta
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